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Services in Derby

Welcome to SRT PAT, portable appliance testing services in Derby.


We offer an affordable, friendly and reliable portable appliance testing service for individuals, small businesses, sole traders & organisations.


Based in Derby, we provide a qualified and insured PAT testing service for most areas of Derby, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.


From a single item to a whole office, our portable appliance testing services are tailored especially to meet the needs of individuals, sole traders, small businesses, property owners and charities & community groups to offer low cost and flexible portable appliance checks. 

To discuss your Portable Appliance Testing requirements,

call Scott on 07743 641425 for a friendly chat.

Our Portable Appliance Testing Services are provided by

Scott Trelfa T/as SRT PAT based in Derby, England.

Find out more about our services and how we can help you

Why is Portable Appliance Testing important?

You have a legal duty of care to ensure that your business activities are carried out safely and

provide safe working environment for your staff, customers and visitors.

Regular testing of electrical equipment can prevent accidents by

identifying faults before they become an issue.


Faulty electrical appliances could cause injuries and lead to disruption to your business.


PAT testing contributes towards your health & safety risk management, by ensuring

electrical appliances and equipment are kept in good safe condition.

We provide a variety of
Portable Appliance Testing services to meet your needs

If you run a business based in or around Derby, our Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) services are here to help you meet your health and safety requirements and to help keep your workplace safe by contributing towards your overall risk management.
We can also test personally owned electrical items and home offices 

Find out more about the PAT services we offer click on the links below:

PAT portable appliance testing for small shop image - portable appliance testing for business

Portable Appliance Testing for small businesses. If you run a shop, salon, office, pub, restaurant, a children's day care nursery, or any other small business we can check that the electrical appliances that you use day-to-day are safe to use and help you meet your legal requirements.

PAT portable appliance testing for sole trader trades persons mobile DJ PAT testing service Derby

Portable Appliance Testing services for trades people and sole traders. Whether your a freelance graphic designer, a cleaner,  a builder, plumber, carpenter or even a mobile DJ whatever you do we can check that your Portable Electrical items are kept in good safe working condition.

PAT portable appliance testing for charity clubs community groups PAT testing service Derby

We offer special discounted rates and tailored Portable Appliance Testing services for charities, community groups and clubs to help you with your health and safety and Portable Appliance Testing needs and to make sure your electrical equipment is safe to use. 

PAT portable appliance testing for  care home indiviuals private PAT testing service Derby

If you or a family member are taking personally owned electrical items into work, hospital, a care home or if you're a student moving into dorms or halls or residents then we can test your portable appliances to ensure that they are safe to use. 

microwave oven emission testing PAT testing service Derby.jpg

We can test your microwave oven to ensure that the door seals are not leaking microwave radiation which could be harmful and lead to a risk of illness to your staff or other users.

PAT portable appliance testing for residential landlords portable appliance testing

If you're a private residential landlord renting you have a legal duty of care to ensure that your property is safe. If you supply any appliances such as washing machines, kettles or even table lamps then these should be PAT tested regularly to ensure they are safe for your tenants.

Portable Appliance Testing when it's convenient for you...

We can visit your premises to carry out PAT checks at a time that is convenient for you. Evenings and weekends are ideal as they allow us to check your appliances without disturbing your staff or customers, causing minimal disruption to your business.

SRT's Portable Appliance Testing services in Derby
, will provide you with complete peace of mind in knowing that your portable appliances are tested and safe to use, and contribute towards helping your legal duties of care as an employer.

Useful information about portable appliance testing and how this contributes towards health and safety in your place of work 

On our website you will find pages which provide useful information in relation to electrical safety in the workplace and how we can help make your place of work a safer environment for your staff and customers. 

Our PAT Testing services

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We provide electrical safety testing of portable appliances for business in Derby & Derbyshire.
SRT PAT's portable electrical appliance testing will contribute towards your general risk management and help your business to operate safely.

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