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Portable Appliance Electrical Safety Testing for Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants in Derby

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Portable appliance testing PAT for offices businesses in Derby city and the surrounding areas.  

Our affordable Portable Appliance electrical safety tests are designed to meet the needs of hospitality businesses including hotels, pubs, restaurants & cafes business owners in and around Derby and Derbyshire. 

Faulty electrical appliances pose a risk of injury and could cause serious harm in the work place and regular PAT testing should form a vital part of your risk management and health and safety risk assessments.  

SRT PAT provide a straight forward competitively priced PAT testing solution to meet the needs of offices in and around Derby. Providing you complete peace of mind that your office premises is safe for your staff and customers. 

We can carry out safety test on all of your electrical appliances such as computer equipment, tills, televisions, fridges & freezers, microwave ovens - including a radiation emission test and other electrical cooking equipment such as food processors and mixers, portable heaters, toasters and coffee machines to ensure that they are safe to use and provide a safe environment for your employees and customers.

What we will do: 

  • We can arrange to carry out your portable appliance tests at a time that is convenient for you, evenings and weekends are ideal as these allow us to test your equipment without disturbing your staff or customers.  

  • We will identify what appliances need to be tested 

  • An external visual inspection will be carried out to ensure that the power cable, plug and outer casings are in good condition.  

  • The electrical appliance will be checked internally using a PAT testing machine, this checked that the earth connection is working and that the appliance is wired correctly 

  • If your appliance passes both of these checks it will be issued with a ‘’GREEN electrical safety check pass’’ sticker. If an item fails and cannot be repaired, we will issue a ‘’Red failed sticker’’ and advise you to dispose of the appliance and obtain a replacement.  

  • If any minor faults are identified such as broken fuses, or damaged plugs these will be repaired by us free of charge.  

  • We will provide you with a survey report detailing the items that we have checked in your office along with any observations we have made and this will include general risk management advice to help you manage your health and safety at work.  


Portable Appliance testing is provided by Scott Trelfa T/as SRT PAT - qualified to provide portable appliance testing, DBS checked and fully insured. 

Get in touch

To discuss your requirements and to get a quote for your PAT testing visit the contact us page.  

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