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How much will my Portable Appliance Testing Cost?
How many items do I have that need testing?

Remember certain appliances may include several items that need to be checked.


For instance a computer would include the base tower and the monitor so would both need to be tested, therefore a desktop PC would normally consist of two appliances.

A typical office example

if you have 10 computers, a kettle, a fridge and microwave oven in your office this would be a total of 23 appliances that would need to be tested.

This example would cost a total of £47.35 and take around an hour and a half to complete our PAT tests & equipment inspections.

When you are working out how many appliances your business has,  it is also important to take into account items such as extension leads as these would also need to be tested. 


At SRT PAT we aim to provide an affordable Portable Appliance Testing service designed to meet the needs of individuals, small businesses, sole traders and community groups. 

We are happy to test a single item for a

flat fee of just £10. 

For larger businesses our pricing per item is 95p subject to a minimum charge of £35 for the first 10 items.

Number of items  Total cost

one single item - £10

up to 10  - £35

More than 10 appliances are charged at an additional 95p each.

As an illustration, if you had 30 appliances the cost would be a total cost of £54.

50 Appliances would cost a total of £73.


For larger organisations please call us as we're happy to provide a quotation.  

Call Scott on 07743 641 425 to discuss your Portable Appliance Testing  requirements.

Get a quote for your PAT testing
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