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Useful links to help you manage your Health & Safety and the safe use of electricity in the Workplace

The HSE - Health and Safety Executive provides health and safety advice in connection with UK law. The advice and guidance from HSE covers a wide range of subjects relating to health and safety including risk assessments and health and safety at work and electrical safety. 

Details relating to Electrical Safety in the workplace can be found here

Guidance and information from the HSE in relation to PAT testing

Electrical standards and codes of practice

Under certain circumstances you may be required by law to have a written health and safety policy and to carry out risk assessments.

Carrying our a risk assessment at your workplace will help to identify hazards and prevent accidents, injuries or illness of your staff and customers or people visiting your premises.


Guidance is available from HSE to help you with risk assessments

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents RoSPA also provide advice and guidance regarding health & safety and can help with risk assessments. 

There is a free risk assessment tool kit available which will help your business manage day-to-day risks.

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