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Little Stars Nursery,
Hilton, Derbyshire PAT testing

We were asked by the owners of Willowpit childrens nursery to carry out Portable Appliance Testing for their premises in Hilton, Derbyshire. 

We are DBS checked and fully insured the owners of Little Stars Nursery trusted SRT PAT to test their electrical appliances.


We arranged to carry out the PAT testing at the weekend which was outside of business hours and allowed us to efficiently carry out tests on all of the Portable Appliances at the location without disturbing the operations of the business. 

The appliances that we inspected were:

  • Washing machines & Tumble dryers

  • Kettles & Kitchen appliances

  • Microwaves, including emission testing

  • Radios, TV's 

  • Computer equipment

  • CCTV equipment

  • Vacuum cleaners

  • Portable heaters

Faults identified 

In general all of the appliances that we checked and tested we found to be in good condition. 

The only item that we found that caused concern was a portable heater which was missing one of the wheels off the base, this meant that the heater was not able to stand safely and could be unstable and fall over. 

Because of the missing foot the appliance failed out visual inspection and was deemed unsafe for use. We advise the owner of the nursery to try and find the missing wheel or to replace the heater with a new one. 

Also in the office area, due to the large number of computers and CCTV equipment, we found the use of lots of multipoint extension leads being used. 

What we did:

The business owner was instructed to replace the portable heater with the missing wheel. ​​

We gave advice to the customer about the safe use of extension leads and how the use of multipoint extension cables should be avoided if possible.


We also advised the client that if they need additional sockets for the number of appliances they need to use that they should to install additional wall outlets. This  will enable electrical items to be plugged directly into the mains wall outlet and removing the need for additional extension lead and reducing the risk of sockets becoming over-loaded 



  • Regularly inspect your electrical items to ensure they are kept in good condition and not damaged, and no missing parts that could cause harm. 

  • Appliances should be checked by the users between PAT testing to ensure that they remain in good condition.

  • Make sure that extension leads are not over-loaded and where possible avoid the use of multi-point extension leads, where possible plug appliances directly into the mains outlet.

  • Discourage employees from bringing their own electrical items into your office

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