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Clubs & Charities
Portable Appliance Testing

Affordable low-cost Portable appliance testing services for clubs, community groups and charitable organisations in Derby & Derbyshire.


We can help you meet your legal requirements 

You have a legal duty of care under the Health & Safety at Work Act to ensure that your business premises is safe for your staff and customers, this includes checking that electrical equipment is in good condition and safe for use. 

We can help keep your premises safe,

by checking the condition of your electrical appliances.


Electrical appliance and Portable Appliance Testing for organisations, clubs and charities.  

PAT testing from just £25. 

This service is an affordable electrical safety testing service designed for small organisations such as youth clubs, charities, community centres, churches, charities, and clubs & associations who may only have a small number of items.  

What will out PAT testing service include:

We will visit your premises and carry out both a visual inspection to check the physical condition of your items and carry out an electrical check with a PAT testing machine to check the condition of the internal wiring and cables of the appliance to ensure they are safe for use. 

We will also provide you with a survey report which will itemise list of the items that we have checked and details of our findings, and any remedial action that we have taken for faults found. 

Our survey report will also provide feedback on observations we have made and contain some risk management information to help you keep your use of electrical items safe.

Whilst testing the safety of your portable electrical appliances we can check microwave ovens to ensure that they are not leaking high levels of potentially harmful radiation. 

If any basic faults are identified which can be fixed, such as damaged plugs we will carry out these repairs for free! 

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